There are different ways to build websites. In a very basic way by using HTML and CSS. You could provide them with Content Management System functionality like WebYep or Pluck.

Or you can choose a CMS with a database such as Joomla or WordPress. The site you’re looking at right now is developed in WordPress.

I prefer working with WordPress:

Bluesfestival on Vlieland – Vlieblues

Maroccan catering – Madame Tajine

Radio systems voor festivals and concerts – Roger Radios

Interior design and advice – Studiorien

Education support and translations – English Allsorts

Gravestones – De Jong

Wood, parket, natural stone, pvc and laminate flooring – Vloeren & Wonen

Photography and letterdesign – Hanna van Binsbergen


In the past wiebsites had developed two microsites with Dreamweaver:

Mediation and coaching – De Kwestie

Safety in labour and process – Apo-safety