Ideal Places to Travel in Southern Korea

One of the best places to travel in south korea, Jeungdo Tropical island is known due to the stunning normal landscape and laid-back seashore life. This tropical island also offers a distinctive opportunity to check out the country’s largest salt farm as well while tidal dirt flats.

Whether you happen to be looking for a great adventure or just want to unwind, Busan possesses something for everyone!


Granted the tense relations among South Korea and North Korea, a visit to the DMZ is actually a top priority for most visitors. Tours usually include puts a stop to at the Joint Security Region and other points of interest.

The city’s beautiful eastern-facing shorelines and impressive inland mountain range draw hikers and outdoor enthusiasts year-round. It’s likewise home to several Olympic venues, including Alpensia Ski Resort.

Seodaemun Penitentiary

The Seodaemun Prison Background Hall represents the indomitable spirit of Korean patriots just who worked for independence and democracy. This museum preserves and exhibits seven imprisonment cells, a hospital, the national monument, execution bedroom and tunnel through which bodies had been carried.

Just like the severe Tual Sleng genocide art gallery in Cambodia, this place is a must-see for those interested in South Korea’s brutal previous.

The Jeoldusan Martyr’s Shrine

Situated on the rocky promontory near the Han Riv, this memorial service shrine accolades 2000 Korean language Catholics implemented for his or her faith in 1866. It includes a chapel, art gallery and display of some of the grizzly hardwood torture equipment used on these people.

Obtain a taste of real South Korea in this quirky area. Here you will find legitimate restaurants offering up inexpensive and scrumptious food.

The Yun Dong-Ju Poetry Art gallery

South Korea may be small , and but it your punches above its weight with vibrant culture and incredible history. It also boasts untouched character, wild nightlife and delightful food.

Spend some time walking along Seoul’s city walls and ramble through Bukchon Han-okl Village, where traditional Korean houses known as hanok path the pavements.

You can also visit the Hill of Yun Dong-Ju, a spot the place that the poet liked to walk and contemplate his art work.

Seokchon Water Stream

The quaint and foreigner friendly Seokchon Normal water Stream is an excellent spot for spouse and children photos or perhaps Instagrammable occasions. You can also hire bikes here to explore the region at your unique pace.

The Lotte Community Tower provides a stunning check out of Seoul from its statement deck. Guests can enjoy the displays with an evening meal at among the restaurants on the ground above.

Namsan Park

Just like Paris provides Eiffel Structure, New York contains Statue of Liberty, Singapore has Marina Bay Sands, Seoul comes with Namsan Area. It is the the majority of iconic fascination of Seoul.

The off-road park is full of footpaths and botanic backyards. It is also residence to In Seoul Tower which is a good way to get some wonderful views within the city.

You may explore the peaks using a free shuttle bus or cable car. You can also hike the Namsan trails.

Myeongdong Shopping Neighborhood

At the heart of Seoul’s buying scene, Myeong-dong is home to many fashion stores. Visitors may explore the area independently or perhaps with a tour.

Whether you’re trying to find fast style or Korean language cosmetics, this kind of major looking street has you covered. Sample some of the best road food around and be certain to haggle on the local market segments. You’ll be amazed at the prices you can score!

Gyeongbokgung Structure

Gyeongbokgung Palace is one of the most beautiful sights to determine in Southern region Korea. This kind of UNESCO-listed number of temples, grottoes, and palace buildings goes back to the fourteenth Century.

Be sure you catch the changing of the defend ceremony and also the gwanghwamun gateway guard-on-duty performance while you happen to be right here. And if youre feeling creative, head over to Mapo district for some themed cafes (poop anyone? ).

Dongdaemun Record & Traditions Park

South Korea is a safe destination to travel for some travellers nonetheless petty criminal offenses does happen, specially in crowded areas. Be cautious, avoid large public gatherings and carry the belongings with you at all times.

Be aware that rabies is present in wildlife types and may be contracted through contact with animals. Take safeguards and find vaccination recommendations.

The Seoul Museum of Art

Amid the country’s frenetic speed, you’ll get a culture of decorum and graciousness. Whether in Seoul’s round-the-clock buzz or perhaps the pristine wilderness of Jeju Island, Korea’s people are a joy to be among.

Small crime and sexual harassment can occur in some areas, specifically at night. Girls travelling on your should be cautious. If you are a patient of harassment, call 112 for support.

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